Bitkub Chain
Getting Started
This page is an overview of the bitkub chain developer documentation and related resources.
Bitkub Chain Developer is your go to connect the project, learn and discover new skills about the programs educating and discover new skills about the programs educating and how to connect the project.
How to connect the project.
- Create a wallet
- Register an account
- Register your identity
- Register your project
Figure 1: Bitkub Chain Developer website.
Create a wallet
   Setting up an online wallet to support the Bitkub Chain network is very important. If you transfer KUB coins to a wallet that does not support Bitkub Chain, your KUB coins may be lost.
   Metamask is an online wallet that supports all kinds of tokens based on Ethereum. The advantage of Metamask is that you can connect Metamask to applications that do not have an intermediary. (Decentralized applications) or games on various blockchains conveniently from your browser. And you can also set it up to make Metamask compatible with other blockchains. other than Ethereum as well.
Register an account
   To sign up for a bitkubchain developer account, all you need is an email address and telephone number. Once your account has been verified via OTP, you can identify it.
Register your identity
   Bitkubchain Developer Subscription, you can identify yourself as an individual or an organization. Applicants must fill in the details completely and truthfully. This is for the benefit of the applicant.
Register your project
   Developers on Bitkubchain Developers can register projects as Registered or Verified by Bitkub.
   Registered are projects where the developers have provided their basic information and have been registered via mobile number. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of your fund.
   Verified by Bitkub are projects that have been registered and reviewed by Bitkub, and smart contracts and other security measures are conducted.
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